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  • Israel Reacts Coldly to Hussein

    Israel reacted coldly today to King Hussein’s remark that it had been “absurd not to recognize Israel for 34 years.” Government officials argued that the monarch’s statement, during a British television interview, was nothing more than “an optical observation that Israel exists.” It contained no readiness to negotiate, and no readiness to live in peace… More ▸

  • Ex-ss Officer’s Citizenship Revoked

    A Federal judge has revoked the citizenship of Conrad Schellong, a former SS officer living in Chicago, for having made “material misrepresentation” of his Nazi past when he applied for U.S. citizenship. Schellong, 71, is alleged to have commanded a guard unit at the Dachau and Sachsenburg concentration camps during World War II and to… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig will receive an honorary doctorate of philosophy from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev at Beersheba November 22. He will come to Israel a few days before the award ceremony and hold private talks with Premier Begin and other top leaders. The university is honoring Haig “as a… More ▸

  • Vatican Expresses Anger at Charges by an Israeli Official

    The Vatican has reacted with unprecedented anger to charges by an un-named senior Israeli official that the Pope and the Catholic Church had remained silent while the Nazis exterminated European Jews during World War II. A statement released by the Vatican Press Office yesterday and published in the official Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, called the… More ▸

  • Central Sector of Lebanon Tense; Gemayel Narrowly Escapes Injury

    The central sector of the Lebanon front was quiet but tense today, following yesterday’s eight-hour series of bombing raids on Syrian and PLO positions by Israeli planes. The heavy raids are seen here as a warning to the Syrians to put an end to the freedom with which the terrorists have been acting against Israeli… More ▸

  • Pope-arafat Meeting Denounced

    Jewish leaders protested vehemently today that the Pope intends to meet with PLO chief Yasir Arafat, and called upon the Pontiff to reconsider meeting with the terrorist leader. They also pointed out that such a meeting could only serve to legitimize Arafat and his organization. In a cable to the Vatican, Julius Berman, chairman of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Tourism figures have dropped substantially in the past three months, since the war in Lebanon erupted. The August total, just released by the government’s Central Bureau of Statistics, shows a 15 percent drop compared with August 1981. In July there was a 16 percent drop compared with July a year ago; and in June. a… More ▸

  • Highlights of the Year 5742

    The government of Premier Menachem Begin survived several no confidence motions by the Labor Alignment opposition and other opposition parties during the year 5742. The coalition government, while maintaining a narrow majority in the Knesset, nevertheless succeeded in defeating challenges to its authority. The war in Lebanon also evoked both support and opposition to the… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA Arafat Expected to Address UN General Assembly Session

    Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasir Arafat is expected to address the upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly which opens September 21, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has learned from diplomatic sources here. But Arab and PLO diplomats said no such plans are known. The PLO has never given advance information about the arrival of… More ▸