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  • Surgeons Implant Silicon Vertebra

    Doctors at the Hadassah-Hebrew University hospital at Ein Kerem have replaced a middle-aged woman’s cancerous vertebra with a hand-sculpted silicon facsimile. The surgeons said they believed this was the first time this procedure has been performed anywhere in the world. Bedridden before the operation, she now can sit up in a wheelchair. More ▸

  • Speedy Trials in Store for Rioters in Custody

    Israel’s military courts will seek speedy trials for Palestinians arrested during nearly three weeks of violent disturbances in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But the prisoners will not be denied their full rights under the law, Israel Defense Force Judge Advocate General Amnon Streshnov said Sunday. Streshnov told reporters that some 200 criminal proceedings… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Press Officials About U.S. Statements on Unrest

    American Jewish leaders and key Reagan administration policymakers disagree “by 10 percent” in how they view Israel’s handling of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, according to Morris Abram, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Their discrepancy revolves around Israel’s use of live ammunition in quelling riots and… More ▸

  • Survey Shows Fewer Israelis Oppose ‘land for Peace’ Idea

    The percentage of Israelis opposed to yielding any land for peace is declining, according to an opinion poll published in Maariv Thursday. The survey’s findings were compared with results of polls taken in October 1986 and April 1987. At the same time, the percentage of Israelis ready to give up all of the West Bank… More ▸

  • Infiltration from Jordan Raises Questions About Border’s Security

    The infiltration of three Palestinian terrorists into Israel from Jordan Friday night has raised questions about security along the normally quiescent Israeli Jordanian border. Israeli authorities still believe King Hussein is doing his best to prevent terrorist activity from Jordanian soil, according to a report in Hadashot Sunday. Terrorist leaders are exerting pressure on him,… More ▸

  • Prosecution, but Not Conviction, Expected for 4,000 Suspected Nazis

    Proceedings have begun against 4,000 suspected war criminals as a result of information obtained from the recently opened United Nations war crimes archives in New York, the Office for the Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals in Ludwigsburg announced Friday. But it is unlikely at this late date that more than a few of the suspects… More ▸

  • East German Court Imposes Heavier Sentences on Neo-nazis

    An East Berlin district court judge Thursday lengthened the sentences imposed by a lower court on four young neo-Nazis who were involved in a major anti-Semitic incident. The prison terms were changed from 14 to 18 months in two cases and from two to four years in two others. The four youths, whose names were… More ▸

  • Police Discount Bias in Slaying of Hasid

    New York City police say they have no evidence that the slaying early Friday of Eli Wald, 39, a Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn’s Borough Park section, was a “bias incident.” Wald, a postal worker, was stabbed repeatedly as he was returning home from work, police said. His body was found at 1:10 a.m. near his… More ▸

  • Well-known West German Tv Personality Resigns Amid Focus on His Nazi Past

    Commentators and observers are listing any number of reasons for the downfall of Werner Hoefer, for 35 years one of West Germany’s best-known television journalists, who resigned Dec. 22 because of new revelations about his Nazi past. The question was raised because Hoefer’s journalistic endeavors for the Nazis were exposed many times over the years… More ▸

  • Debate Among East Berlin’s Jews Centers on How to Approach the Young

    A controversy has surfaced within East Berlin’s tiny Jewish community over how to approach the several dozen young Jews who lately have showed interest in Judaism and in seeking their Jewish roots. Peter Kirchner, chairman of the community, believes they must be confronted with the choice of “joining in or staying out” of the official… More ▸