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  • Justice Has Been Served, Israelis Say

    “We did not come to take revenge,” said Treblinka survivor Yosef Charney, after John Demjanjuk was sentenced to death on Monday. “For crimes like his, there can be no revenge.” Charney’s view was reflected by other Israelis, who expressed satisfaction that justice was served by the death penalty imposed on the former Treblinka death camp… More ▸

  • Poison Found in Rome Supermarket; Italy Orders Removal of Grapefruit

    The Health Ministry on Tuesday ordered the removal of grapefruits from all shops, markets and warehouses in the country after grapefruit contaminated with a deadly poison was found in a Rome supermarket. An expert from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture was due here Tuesday night to help Italian authorities track down poisoned grapefruits, which may… More ▸

  • Waldheim to Visit Middle East

    Austrian President Kurt Waldheim, an isolated dignitary in most Western countries, will visit Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates in June, his office announced Tuesday. So far, Waldheim’s only trips abroad have been to the Vatican, Jordan and Pakistan. Waldheim has been a pariah to the Western world since information about his complicity… More ▸

  • Jewish Vote in French Elections Went Overwhelmingly to Mitterrand

    Jewish voters gave strong support to incumbent Socialist Francois Mitterrand in the first round of the presidential elections Sunday and are expected to support him overwhelmingly against his center-right rival, Premier Jacques Chirac, in the run-off elections on May 8. This was indicated by exit polls conducted Sunday among 4,078 voters. The results, published Tuesday… More ▸

  • New Labor Zionist Head Says American Jews Must Speak out

    When Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir addressed the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations more than a month ago, and warned American Jewish leaders about speaking out in criticism of Israel, Menachem Rosensaft was one of only two of those leaders to stand up and challenge the premier. “A lot of people came… More ▸

  • Music to Ring out from Mountaintop

    This serene mountaintop in the Judean Hills will be the scene of a musical light-and-sound show next October 13, winding up Israel’s 40th anniversary celebration. Next October, the ancient hills will echo to the music of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of its conductor and musical director, Indian-born Zubin Mehta. Seating is being… More ▸

  • Israel Suspends Press Privileges for Two American Journalists

    Israel suspended the press credentials of two leading American correspondents Tuesday for failing to submit stories to the military censor. Yoram Ettinger, director of the Government Press Office, announced that Glenn Frankel of The Washington Post and Martin Fletcher of NBC News will be denied all facilities and cooperation from government ministries, the Israel Defense… More ▸

  • U.S. Defers Formal Notification of Saudi Arms Sale to Congress

    Bowing to congressional pressure, the Reagan administration has indefinitely postponed formal notification to Congress of its proposed $950 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia. The package includes $450 million in support equipment for AWACS reconnaissance planes previously sold to the Saudis. and $500 million in Bradley Fighting Vehicles and TOW missiles. Under arms sale procedures…. More ▸

  • Two Israelis Soldiers Killed in Mount Hermon Clash

    Two Israel Defense Force soldiers were killed and two were wounded in a clash with terrorist infiltrators on the slopes of Mount Hermon early Tuesday morning. Three terrorists were also killed in the brief but fierce gun fight on rugged terrain, a military spokesman reported. The soldiers killed were identified as the unit commander, Lt…. More ▸

  • U.S. Envoy Criticizes Israeli Policy As Territories Stay Quiet for Third Day

    U.S. Ambassador Thomas Pickering sharply criticized Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Tuesday. saying that the Israel Defense Force’s methods to suppress the Palestinian uprising there are “outside the standards of human rights which we and Israel share and advocate together.” Speaking at the Hebrew University here, the envoy decried deportations,… More ▸