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  • With No Challenge from Congress, Saudi Arms Sale Goes into Effect

    Saudi Arabia will receive $825 million in arms as requested by the Reagan administration, since Congress did not vote to block it by Thursday’s deadline. Rep. Larry Smith (D-Fla.), who had drafted a resolution to block the sale, decided against introducing it after not finding enough support in the Senate, his press secretary, Karen Donovan,… More ▸

  • Documents Published in Zurich Suggest Waldheim Knew of Deportations by 1942

    Photographs of documents showing that Austrian President Kurt Waldheim had to be aware of the deportation of Jews to Nazi concentration camps as early as 1942 were published Sunday in the Zurich newspaper Sonntages-Zeitung. The documents, which come from the Yugoslavian war archives, also link Waldheim directly with orders to execute Yugoslavian partisan fighters in… More ▸

  • New Casualties Reported in Nablus, but Rabin Says Unrest is Waning

    A Palestinian woman was fatally shot and seven people were wounded Sunday in a clash with Israeli security forces in Jaba village, near Nablus. Another Palestinian was wounded Monday by Israeli troops in the Nablus casbah. There were also reports that a 28-year-old woman had been wounded by Israeli troops in the Jabalya refugee camp… More ▸

  • Labor Selects New, Younger Faces for Knesset List in November Vote

    The slate of Knesset candidates the Labor Party will present to Israeli voters in November will have many new names, fresh younger faces and a decided tilt toward the dovish left–although such an appraisal is strongly denied by party secretary-general Uri Baram. Labor last Thursday completed the process of selecting the 61 men and women… More ▸

  • Hospital Workers Cut Services to Protest Cabinet Inaction

    Medical and non-medical services were curtailed again Monday at government and Kupat Holim hospitals, where employees protested the Cabinet’s continued procrastination in dealing with the country’s health care crisis. The ministers met at their weekly session Sunday, prepared to discuss recommendations on the health care system proposed by a professional committee appointed by Health Minister… More ▸

  • Anti-semitism Keeping Rome Rabbi a Prisoner in His Own Synagogue

    Delivering new warnings on the resurgence of racism and anti-Semitism in Italy, Rome’s chief rabbi told a newspaper here that he is virtually a prisoner in his own synagogue, protected by armed guards and armed escorts whenever he travels. In an interview published Monday by Corriere della Sera, Rabbi Elio Toaff spoke of the hate… More ▸

  • Church-run School Tells Jewish Teachers to Profess Faith in Jesus

    A church-run nursery school has told its Jewish teachers they must henceforth profess faith in Jesus or lose their jobs. In response, the school’s director and all its teachers have handed in their resignations. The confrontation was triggered by an announcement by the First Presbyterian Church of Sherman Oaks, a comfortable suburb of Los Angeles,… More ▸

  • A Neo-nazi Arrested is in Munich; Movement Growing in West Germany

    Munich police arrested a young neo-Nazi activist Monday for circulating anti-Semitic and Nazi propaganda and trying to mobilize supporters for an illegal demonstration. Michael Kuehnen has a long record of neo-Nazi activities. He is believed to lead an extremist group that was outlawed four years ago, but is apparently still active, police said. Kuehnen was… More ▸

  • Reagan Meets with Refuseniks, Presses Soviet on Human Rights

    President Reagan continued to press the Soviet Union on its human rights record Monday in a meeting with Soviet activists, including 17-year refusenik Yuli Kosharovsky. “On human rights, on the fundamental dignity of the human person, there can be no relenting. For now we must work for more, always more,” said Reagan in remarks broadcast… More ▸

  • Soviets Join European Jewry Meeting; Dispute over Sharon Disrupts Session

    An angry verbal exchange erupted Monday, the first full day of the annual European Jewish Congress meeting here, over the invitation extended to Ariel Sharon, Israel’s controversial minister of commerce and industry. The meeting opened on a more auspicious note here Sunday night. For the first time ever, two Soviet diplomats were present. “We received… More ▸