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  • Bewildered Father of the Killer Expresses Sorrow over Son’s Deed

    Chaim Popper, father of the 21-year-old man who confessed to gunning down Palestinian workers Sunday near Rishon le-Zion, expressed sorrow and bewilderment Tuesday at the “inexplicable, crazed act” of his son Ami. Sitting red-eyed in a darkened room of the family’s modest two-story house in Rishon le-Zion, Chaim Popper sent his family’s condolences to the… More ▸

  • Greece Establishes Ties to Israel, First Time Since Israel’s Founding

    Greece, fulfilling a promise by its new prime minister, has established full diplomatic relations with Israel. The announcement was made Monday morning by Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis at a Cabinet meeting, and was formalized later in the day with the signing of a joint statement by Greece and Israel at European Community headquarters in Brussels…. More ▸

  • German Technology Helping Libya Build Ballistic Missile, Tv Claims

    German technology and technicians are helping Libya build a ballistic missile that could hit Israel, according to “Report,” a program broadcast Tuesday evening on West German state television. The missile is derived from an Argentine model called Condor II, developed and built by a major West German weapons company. According to “Report,” an unspecified number… More ▸

  • Pressure Mounts on U.S. to Prevent Arafat from Attending U.N. Session

    Pressure mounted Tuesday on the U.S. State Department to prevent Yasir Arafat from entering the United States to take part in a Security Council debate on the current unrest in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Security Council held closed consultations throughout the day, as plans for the formal debate awaited a U.S. decision… More ▸

  • Few Hurt As Israeli Arabs Riot in Aftermath of Sunday Killings

    With more than a million Palestinians under curfew in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, violent reaction to the slaying Sunday of seven Palestinian laborers by a lone Jewish gunman spread this week to parts of central and northern Israel. It reached a peak Monday, when youths throwing rocks and bottles clashed with police in… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Violent Reaction to Killings Poses Problems on Three Fronts

    The 29-month-old intifada, which lately had seemed to be winding down out of sheer exhaustion, was galvanized into new fury this week, after a dishonorably discharged Israeli soldier gunned down a group of Palestinian laborers near Rishon le-Zion, south of Tel Aviv. The unprovoked shooting early Sunday morning, in which seven Palestinians died and at… More ▸