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  • Arafat Reportedly Seeking Invitation to Paris for Meeting with Mitterrand

    Yasir Arafat, whose 1989 welcome to Paris severely strained French Jewry’s relationship with President Francois Mitterrand, reportedly wants a return engagement. The Palestine Liberation Organization leader is fishing for an invitation, according to Arab diplomatic sources in Paris. The sources said Arafat’s wishes were conveyed recently to Mitterrand’s foreign policy adviser, Pierre Morel, by Hakim… More ▸

  • News Analysis; Peretz Slur Against Kibbutzim May Have Been a Political Move

    Absorption Minister Yitzhak Peretz’s televised diatribe against kibbutzim for allegedly fostering apostasy among religious immigrants from Arab countries 30 to 40 years ago has touched off furious protests among the non-Orthodox majority of Israelis and also disturbed many observant Jews. The issue was the subject of eight no-confidence motions introduced by opposition factions, which the… More ▸

  • War Crimes Trial Set Back by Death of a Key Witness

    Half the charges against an alleged Nazi war criminal on trial here for killing Jews during World War II were dropped last week by Canada’s Justice Department, following the death of a key witness. The death of the witness provides a significant boon for Michael Pawlowski, 74, a native of Byelorussia, who was charged here… More ▸

  • Jewish Pilot Dismissed from Marines for Refusing to Defend Arabs in War

    Lt. Tony Homayoun Moradian, a helicopter pilot raised as an Orthodox Jew, will be dismissed from the U.S. Marine Corps for refusing to fight a war in defense of Arabs, a military judge ruled Saturday. Moradian, who was born in Iran, was found guilty of leaving a troop ship at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 10… More ▸

  • Bush Says Neither Land nor Arms Will Guarantee Israel’s Security

    President Bush warned Sunday that neither geography nor military power can guarantee Israel’s security. And he said his Middle East peace initiative would succeed only “if the parties in the region muster the political will to make it happen.” During a 13-minute speech at a fund-raising dinner for the Simon Wiesenthal Center here, the president… More ▸