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  • Jews Returning to Religion with Help of Mentor Program

    When Joey Quattromini went to his neighbor’s house for a Chanukah gathering, he was not prepared for what he was about to learn. Quattromini, who was raised Roman Catholic, discovered that in fact he is Jewish. While at the gathering, the 18-year-old’s Presbyterian-raised neighbor revealed that she had only recently found out that she was… More ▸

  • Swiss Court Convicts Anti-semite

    The leader of a group known as the Universal Church has been found guilty of publishing an anti-Semitic brochure that claimed that Jewish greed was responsible for causing World War II. Reimers Peters was fined $4,000 last week by a Swiss court and ordered to pay $6,800 in legal costs after being found guilty of… More ▸

  • Swiss to Lift Bank Secrecy Laws to Find Holocaust Victim Assets

    In an effort to repair its fast-tarnishing image, Switzerland has announced that it will move toward lifting its bank secrecy laws to allow an inquiry into the whereabouts of Nazi gold and Jewish assets deposited in the country during World War II. Foreign Minister Flavio Cotti announced Monday that a panel of six to 12… More ▸

  • Tower Air Accommodates Orthodox

    Tower Air has begun a new service to accommodate Orthodox passengers flying between New York and Tel Aviv. Designated flights have a section where no audio and video entertainment is offered, and passengers are served only by male flight attendants. The flights serve “superglatt” kosher meals to everyone, including the crew, said Simon Grossman, a… More ▸

  • Unidentified Man Attacks Widow of Disinterred Jew

    The widow of a Jewish man whose body was disinterred in 1990 by five skinheads was attacked and beaten by an unidentified man. The incident occurred this week after she publicly rejected an apology from one of the vandals responsible for the cemetery desecration. Magdeleine Germon, 86, was hospitalized with head injuries after a young… More ▸

  • Attack on Religious Right Spurs Flap over Voter Registration Drive

    Sponsors of the organized Jewish community’s voter registration drive are distancing themselves from part of their own guidebook because it attacks the religious right. Jewish Republicans launched a broadside attack against the guide last week, charging that the “1996 Get Out the Vote Program Plan and Action Manual” amounts to a partisan effort to urge… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Israel’s International Support Faces New Tests at U.N. Session

    The international community’s increased acceptance of Israel in recent years is likely to be tested in the United Nations General Assembly, which opened its session this week. Advances in the Middle East peace process began to erode the anti-Israel atmosphere in the international body in the past three years. But the new Netanyahu government’s more… More ▸