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Indict Ahmadinejad, B’nai Brith urges

Representatives of B’nai Brith Canada have prepared an indictment against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on charges of incitement to genocide against the Jewish people. The indictment “moves the debate away from theoretical pronouncements to legally actionable offences,” said David Matas, B’nai Brith’s senior legal counsel. “It also marks the first step in what must be a sustained effort by Canada and the international community to use all legal tools at their disposal to prosecute the Iranian president before it is too late.” The organization presented the indictment to the Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday and urged the government to ban Ahmadinejad from entering Canada, prosecute him for incitement to genocide and lobby the United Nations to take the matter to the International Criminal Court. “Waiting for genocide to happen is not acceptable,” Matas said. “Canada must lead this charge on the world stage.” B’nai Brith representatives have scheduled meetings with officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and diplomats from U.N. Security Council member states to press the case.