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Nazi killer loses citizenship

A Michigan man who sent his Nazi superiors handwritten reports accounting for the ammunition he spent killing Jews was stripped of his citizenship. John (Ivan) Kalymon, of Troy, Mich., belonged as a young man to the Ukranian Auxiliary Police in Lviv. The Nazi-sponsored unit was responsible for the deaths and displacement of more than 100,000 Jews in the area in 1942-1943, according to the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations. According to contemporary documentation, Kalymon participated in the killings. “Irrefutable evidence, including a handwritten report prepared by Kalymon in which he accounted to his superiors for ammunition he expended in shooting Jews, proved his participation in Nazi genocide,” OSI director Eli Rosenbaum said in a release Friday. Marianne Battani, a federal judge in Detroit, found that Kalymon’s 1955 citizenship was invalidated because of his Nazi service, and because he concealed it from immigration officials.