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Al-Qaida goads Hamas

Al-Qaida assailed Hamas for not waging all-out war
against Israel. “Where is revenge, where are the bombs, where is the
fire?” Abu Yahya al-Libi, an al-Qaida leader, said over the weekend in an Internet statement addressed to the dominant Palestinian Authority faction.
“Your loyalty to the blood of your predecessors, those loyal men, can only
be through strict commitment to the path of jihad.” Though al-Qaida and Hamas
share terrorist tactics, they disagree on some doctrinal issues.
Al-Qaida came out against Hamas after it brought the more moderate faction
Fatah into a P.A. coalition government last month.
Hamas, which preaches the destruction of Israel, has scaled back its
attacks against Israel in the past year while threatening to resume them if Israel does not meet its demands.