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Israel subsidizes Egypt, Jordan flights

Israel will keep regular flights going to Egypt and Jordan by increasing government subsidies on the politically sensitive routes.Ha’aretz reported Tuesday that security costs for these flights are unusually high and El Al loses some $5 million annually on the routes, although the government already foots half the bill. The Cabinet drew up an agreement that would increase the government’s share of security expenses, contingent on the flight schedule – two flights a week to Cairo by El Al and two to Amman by Arkia – being maintained.”The existence of regular flights to and from Egypt and Jordan is of primary importance in the political sense,” Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said. “Flight agreements between the countries, in direct continuation of peace agreements, dictate the existence of regular flights between the countries, and any change or discontinuation could be construed as a violation of these agreements, with all the far-reaching political repercussions derived from that.”