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Extremists protest Holocaust event in Hungary

Several dozen right-wing extremists protested an anti-racism event and Holocaust commemoration in Budapest. The demonstrators, some waving the flag of the Arrow Cross movement, sought to disrupt a pro-tolerance event attended by Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and about 10,000 people May 9, according to The Budapest Times. Those supporting the event, which commemorated the thousands of Jews shot and thrown into the Danube River by the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party during World War II, shouted back at the extremists, “Nazis go home,” the Budapest Times reported. “It begins with… whistles and with turning a blind eye. Then it ends in murder,” Gyurcsany said at the event, adding that he wanted to build “a country based on love and understanding.” The rally was part of the “Zero Tolerance” initiative, and was organized by the prime minister’s Hungarian Socialist Party as well as Jewish and Roma, or gypsy, groups.