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Juveniles apologize for cemetery vandalism

A Vermont newspaper received an unsigned letter of apology for vandalizing a Brattleboro cemetery presumably from the juveniles responsible. In the letter sent to the Brattleboro Reformer, the 12- and 13- year old boys took responsibility for covering at least six gravestones in a Jewish cemetery with paint.”We had no intention of vandalism or harming any grave,” the letter said. “We weren’t thinking when we played there and in the middle of our game we had thoughts about changing our location due to the graves but got caught up in the moment.” Only the portion of the Morningside Cemetery maintained by the Brattleboro-area Jewish community appeared to be affected by the paintball game.Nobel Prize-winning author Saul Bellow’s gravestone was among those covered in orange and green paintball capsules, which also littered the cemetery’s ground.The Jewish cemetery also had a gravestone overturned and broken off earlier in the week in what police believe is a separate incident. The juveniles have agreed to clean up the cemetery, Brattleboro Police said, and have promised to apologize to the area Jewish community. Brattleboro Police Lt. Jeremy Evans said the juveniles will likely not face charges.