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ADL urges Kyoto mayor to prevent anti-Semite from speaking

The Anti-Defamation League appealed to the mayor of Kyoto, Japan to prevent a Holocaust denier from speaking in public. Richard Koshimizu, a political extremist who believes the Jews were responsible for the attacks of September 11, plans to give a speech June 9
at Kyoto’s municipal-run Campus Plaza.”Mr. Koshimizu’s incendiary anti-Semitic views are well known, including outrageous propositions denying the Holocaust occurred and that Hitler himself worked for the Jews and to promote Jewish interests,” the ADL said in a press release. “It would be most unfortunate if Mr. Koshimizu’s rantings would appear to have the imprimatur of the Kyoto municipality.”In their letter to the Kyoto mayor, the ADL pointed to guidelines for the Campus Plaza that restrict inflammatory speech.Koshimizu, the founder of Japan’s Independence Party, claims on his Web site, among other wild beliefs, that Sen. John Kerry collaborated with President Bush in 2004 to see Bush win “for the sake of continuing Jew and Zionist war [sic].”