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Convicted Nazi free to work

A convicted Nazi has been allowed to leave his home, where he is under house arrest, to work at his attorney’s law firm, The Associated Press reported.Erich Priebke, 93, was convicted in 1997 of participating in a 1944 massacre outside Rome that killed 335 civilians. He has been permitted to leave his house under an Italian law that allows convicts such benefits after 10 years of good behavior, his lawyer said. Priebke is working as a translator.Jewish leaders expressed outrage that an Italian judge has permitted Priebke, who admitted to shooting two and rounding up others at the Ardeatine Caves massacre, to freely travel to the lawyer’s office. “A man of 93 who gets a job at a law firm? It’s absurd. It’s a way to get around his sentence,” Amos Luzzatto, a former head of Italy’s Jewish communities, told an Italian newspaper. “I hope that Priebke will not take advantage of this to organize an escape.”