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Young Democrats want AIPAC to target GOP

A Democratic Jewish group said it was “disappointed” that AIPAC had not yet rebuked Republicans for voting against a foreign aid bill that included funding for Israel. “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is an incredibly effective organization that shares the Democratic Party’s goal of Israel’s security and the US-Israel relationship, but they have shown an apparent double standard,” said a statement issued this week by the Young Democrats of America-Jewish Caucus. The Republican leadership ordered its U.S. House of Representatives caucus to vote against the foreign aid bill last month because Republicans opposed an increase in aid and because it provided some assistance to overseas groups that provide some assistance to groups that use other funds to pay for abortions. The assistance included $2.4 billion in aid for Israel. “We are disappointed that they have not adequately responded to this apparent double standard when it comes to voting for foreign appropriation bills,” the statement said.AIPAC is set to publish the roll call on the vote in its flagship publication, Near East Report, as it has done for previous votes. “AIPAC considers the vote on foreign aid to be a top priority and is disappointed when any member does not support it, regardless of the reasons,” sources close to the lobby said.