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Israel offered rocket-proof bus stops

A new group is raising money to build bus stops in Israel that can withstand bomb and rocket attacks.Operation LifeShield hopes to install the bus stops in Sderot, which has suffered from almost daily rocket fire from the Gaza Strip over the last six years, and in northern Israel, which came under massive missile barrages last summer during Israel’s war with Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terrorist group.”Through the Lifeshield Bus Shelter, we are continuing our efforts to create productive, groundbreaking and, most importantly, tangible solutions for the difficulties faced by Israeli civilians in areas suffering constant missile attacks,” said Josh Adler, co-founder of Operation Lifeshield.The unique bus stop can withstand direct a direct Kassam rocket strike, is designed with steel reinforced concrete and includes an inner room closed on all sides, the groups says. Adler said the shelter has been approved by the Israel Defense Forces.”Mayors of municipalities across Israel have already submitted requests totaling hundreds of LifeShield Bus Stops and we hope to fulfill all of them quickly,” he said.