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German fund done paying laborers

A German fund set up to compensate forced laborers during the Holocaust has completed paying victims.The Remembrance, Responsibility and Future Foundation, set up in 2000, paid $5.8 billion to 1.7 million people, mostly non-Jews who were forced to work in concentration camps and participate in sadistic medical experiments, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported..The German government and German corporations that utilized forced labor during World War II contributed equally to the fund, which will see its remaining money go toward reconciliation projects.Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Bayer and Deutsche Bank were among the companies that made tax-deducible donations to the fund in exchange for receiving protection from any future legal proceedings related to their use of slave labor. “The money has been paid and everything has run its course without a problem,” Otto Graf Lambsdorff, the fund’s vice chair told German radio.