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A Burning Man shidduch!

So my brother calls to tell me he was at a party yesterday in Portland when he overhears a woman talking about Burning Man (or was it Birmingham?) and how the Jewish media made a video of her and put it on the Internet. In his words, Lisa Schroeder "plotzed" when he identified himself as brother of The Wandering Jew. Lisa then invited him for Rosh Hashanah. Who says Burning Man can’t be a wholesome experience?

Also, my main article on the burn went live on Friday, so check that out. And we’re on track to have a final video posted and thoughts on the burn tomorrow, with interviews and other scenes from Black Rock City, so keep checking back for that. And I’m in the late stages of planning my next big excursion south of the border. If anyone has any good Mexico Jews tips, drop me a line