“Shark Week” tidbits from Israel
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“Shark Week” tidbits from Israel


As a nod to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week (beginning today), here are three shark facts from Israel:

    January 6, 1982 – A shark in Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium gives birth to three pups, in what is deemed a rare event for sharks in captivity.

    July 8, 1985 – Israeli scientists find household detergents can be used as an effective shark-repellent.

    April 20, 2005 – Environmental groups angered as Israeli fishermen catch 70 sharks in Ashkelon with intention to sell meat to Gaza, where shark meat is considered a delicacy.

Image: Screenshot from Batman: The Movie (Amazon), the scene where Batman fends off a shark with a can of "shark-repellent bat-spray" handed to him by Robin. Glorious video after the jump.