One Jew, One Vote: Rivka Joseph, 28
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Election 2016

One Jew, One Vote: Rivka Joseph, 28

rivkajoseph1jew1voteEvery weekday through Election Day, JTA will post a brief profile of one Jewish voter. (Thanks for the inspiration, Humans of New York.)

Name: Rivka Joseph
Age: 28
Lives: Cleveland area
Works: Advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse at Jewish Community Watch
Voting for: Likely Hillary Clinton (supported Republican John Kasich in the primary)

“It’s sad, the way our country is going. I’ve always been a Republican. I’ve always been conservative, and this year, I’m not supporting Trump. I will vote Republican for the other things, but I just can’t support Trump. I didn’t like him from the beginning. I was hoping [that] other Republican candidates would somehow pull through, but he was getting too much attention…  He’s racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and truthfully, he doesn’t have any conservative policies. I don’t think he has any policies. So there’s no pull for me to vote for him.”