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  • U.N. rights chief praises Durban II

    The U.N. human rights chief slammed countries threatening to skip a U.N. anti-racism conference over unfair criticism of Israel.

  • Swiss err on Iran, Israel

    Recent Swiss actions are out of step with the West’s determination to confront Iran and commitment to the security of Israel, Abraham Foxman writes.

  • Religion on stump troubling

    The creeping emphasis on religion in our political culture, with some candidates openly professing their beliefs on the campaign trail, should deeply concern all Americans, the ADL’s Abraham Foxman writes.

  • Latin Mass cause for concern

    The Vatican’s decision to approve wider use of the Latin Mass undermines the theological basis for progress in Jewish-Catholic relations, Abraham Foxman writes.

  • Partisanship misreads Mideast complexity

    Simplistic, partisan analyses of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict do not do justice to the complexity of the situation, Abraham Foxman writes.

  • Who’s serious about fighting anti-Semitism?

    Condemning Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic outburst doesn’t mean ignoring more serious threats, Abraham Foxman writes.