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  • Hate crime rises in Europe, North America

    Violent hate crime is at historically high levels in Europe and North America, a watchdog reported.

  • Lawmaker to attend dinner

    A Republican congressman is attending a fund-raiser for a group that has argued for legal limits on AIPAC.

  • Palin: Israel is the ‘good guy

    Israel is the “good guy” in the Middle East, Sarah Palin said, repeating her assertion that the United States should not second-guess its Iran strategies.

  • U.S. joins GCC slam on settlement

    The United States joined Arab nations in urging Israel to end settlement activity in the West Bank.

  • O.U. leaders meet with Bush, campaigns

    Orthodox Union leaders met with President Bush, representatives of the presidential campaigns and congressional leaders.

  • Lautenberg places hold on Libya envoy

    A U.S. senator is holding up confirmation of a U.S. envoy to Libya until the country pays compensation to terrorism victims.

  • Zubari takes the wind out of China-Israel relations

    Israel’s biggest source of pride at the Beijing 2008 Olympics became its biggest blight this past week, after bronze medal-winning windsurfer Shahar Zubari called Chinese people “sh*ts” in an interview published September 5th in Israel’s Yediot Aharanot. That was his answer when the reporter asked him to describe his hosts in one word. Zubari also…

  • How Israel wins

    Not surprisingly, Israel’s first medal of the Beijing Olympics was not won in Beijing, but rather in Qingdao, where the Sailing competition is being held. In recent days, many Israelis in China have flocked to Qingdao in hopes of seeing better results than they had in Beijing. Shahar Zubari was able to clinch the bronze…

  • German writer to fight demotion

    A German political writer is planning to fight a professional demotion over his one-sided anti-Israel invective.

  • A ‘shalom’ from Chinese schoolchildren

    Israeli Olympic swimmers visiting a Beijing elementary school were greeted with cries of “shalom” from young Chinese students clutching Israeli flags.