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  • An American bar mitzvah in Beijing

    The resident Jews of China’s capital are getting ready to welcome Jewish tourists, athletes – and an Illinois boy who will celebrate his bar mitzvah during the Olympic Games.

  • How to do Jewish in Beijing

    Here are some tips on worship and eating Jewishly in Beijing during the Olympic Games.

  • Vigil held for dialogue project fellow

    A candlelight vigil was held for a Muslim-Jewish dialogue project fellow who died in the Panama sea.

  • Inside Jewish Beijing

    Beijing has had an organized Jewish community since the late 1970s, the city’s congregations cooperate well and Jews coming for the Olympics will find plenty of choices for davening.

  • Obama confident on Jewish vote

    Barack Obama voiced confidence that American Jews will turn out for him come Election Day.

  • Anti-Semitism project debuts in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian Jewish Committee and a group of young Ukrainians launched a project targeting xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

  • Israeli Olympian arrested in Ethiopia

    Israel’s entrant for the Olympic marathon has been arrested while visiting his native Ethiopia.

  • Report: Army engineer targeted for religion

    A U.S. Army engineer accused 10 years ago of spying for Israel was unjustly targeted because of his religion, a review found.

  • Israeli soldiers foil car bombing

    Israeli troops intercepted a car that Palestinian terrorists planned to use in a bomb attack.

  • Canadian Muslim gets jail for attacking Jew

    A Muslim man who attacked a Jewish girl and her friends has been handed a one-year jail sentence from a Canadian court.