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  • Report: U.S. eyes Syrian nuke sites

    The United States reportedly suspects Syria of hiding several nuclear sites in addition to a secret reactor destroyed by Israel.

  • Olmert proceedings to be stepped up

    Israel’s attorney general ordered an expedited investigation into Ehud Olmert’s ties to an American fund-raiser.

  • Talansky returns home

    The American businessman at the heart of Israel’s latest corruption scandal returned home.

  • British union renews boycott calls

    A British academic union has renewed its call for an academic boycott of Israel.

  • Israel, U.S. opt out of cluster ban

    Israel, the United States and four other major military powers opted out of an international ban on cluster bombs.

  • Radical rabbi may be in Brazil

    A radical Israeli rabbi alleged to have led followers to commit horrific acts of child abuse is believed to be hiding in Brazil.

  • AIPAC draft agenda: Iran, peace, terrorism

    The proposed AIPAC 2008 agenda focuses on isolating Iran and backing Israel’s efforts to achieve peace and repulse terrorism.

  • German locals to protest right-wing center

    An anti-extremist group in Germany is planning to demonstrate against plans to create a far-right training center in Lower Saxony.

  • Livni: Prepare for post-Olmert era

    Tzipi Livni called on the Kadima party to prepare for a post-Olmert era even as the prime minister vowed to stay in office.

  • OU wanted Rubashkin out

    The Orthodox Union had urged the country’s largest kosher slaughterhouse to replace CEO Sholom Rubashkin.