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  • Volunteers seek Jewish way to serve in Africa

    Writer Amy Klein visits with U.S. college students volunteering in a rural Ugandan village, as they seek to imbue their service with a sense of Jewish purpose.

  • Are Jewish boys in crisis?

    A recent string of books takes a look at the problems facing teenage boys.

  • New generation seeks to reclaim Sephardic cultural roots

    More than five centuries after the Jews were expelled from Spain, dozens of musicians, writers, poets, playwrights, filmmakers, historians, educators and chefs are reclaiming their cultural roots to create a veritable Sephardic renaissance.

  • Snapshots of Sephardic culture

    A guide to some of the dozens of ways to enjoy modern Sephardic culture, art that draws upon traditions from regions such as Spain, Portugal, the Middle East, North Africa, the Far East, Italy, Rome and Greece.

  • The show must go on!

    Despite a bleak economy, American Jewish theater companies attempt to tackle issues of identity.

  • The secret Jews of the Southwest

    A steady trickle of Hispanics in Mexico and the southwest United States are discovering and exploring their Jewish roots. Some have joined the Conservative synagogue in El Paso, Texas, and are set to take part in a b’nai mitzvah ceremony during Shavuot.

  • So you think you’re a Crypto-Jew?

    One of the foremost experts discusses what exactly is a Crypto-Jew and how to go about finding your past.

  • For seniors heading west, Jewish life becomes a build-it-yourself activity

    As more seniors seek retirement alternatives to Florida, connecting to a Jewish community becomes more challenging.

  • How to retire, happily

    Seniors share their secrets on how to transition successfully to the next stage of life.

  • Learning to love yeshiva learning, egalitarian style

    Jews of all denominations and ages, who once connected to Judaism by attending synagogue, celebrating holidays and sending their children to Hebrew school, have begun to yearn for something more: studying Jewish texts, yeshiva-style, but without the traditional yeshiva.