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  • French Jews focus on security

    This month´s elections for the assembly of Paris´ most important Jewish institution were dominated by community security, following a resurgence of anti-Semitic aggression this month around Paris and in the southern port city of Marseilles.

  • Arsonists attack Marseille Jewish school

    PARIS, Nov. 5 (JTA) — Jews in Marseille have been left in a state of shock after vandals burned down part of a Jewish elementary school in the southern port city. On Oct. 28, two trailers used as classrooms at the Pardes Jewish School in Marseille were destroyed before firefighters could control the flames. A…

  • 2.00E+07

    PARIS, Oct. 21 (JTA) — To stroll through parts of the 19th and 20th districts of Paris on a Friday evening or a Saturday afternoon is to encounter a thriving Jewish community. Since the beginning of September, however, insecurity and mistrust have disrupted the Sabbath tranquility for members of this predominantly Sephardic Jewish community. During…

  • French Jews try to bring down Holocaust deniers

    PARIS, July 24 (JTA) — French student groups and anti-racist organizations are trying to draw attention to a university long known as a breeding ground for Holocaust denial and other far-right activities. If they succeed, student leaders say, they will deliver a severe blow to the far-right in France. The University Jean Moulin is named…

  • French Jews struggle with their message

    As Jewish high school seniors cram for their baccalaureate exams, the Jewish community in Paris is engaged in soul- searching over the role of Jewish education in French society.