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  • France not ruling out Iran strike

    The French foreign minister said his country “will never compromise on Israel’s security,” including the Iranian threat.

  • Traditional bar mitzvah for most Israelis

    Some 90 percent of boys celebrating their bar mitzvah in Israel will have the traditional ceremony.

  • Thousands rally for Israeli teachers

    At least 100,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to support the ongoing strike by teachers.

  • Winograd will blame Olmert

    The Winograd Committe’s final report will likely blame Ehud Olmert for the Second Lebanon War’s final 60 hours.

  • Yuschenko holds meeting on anti-Semitism

    Ukraine President Viktor Yuschenko discussed anti-Semitism in his country with the state prosecutor general.

  • Costa Rica soccer to play in Iran

    Costa Rica’s national soccer team will play in Tehran, despite pleas by Jewish groups.

  • Israeli minister: Gaza a lost cause

    The Annapolis peace parley will focus on the West Bank since Gaza “is already a lost cause,” an Israeli minister said.

  • Bolton calls Annapolis a mistake

    America’s former U.N. ambassador called the forthcoming Annapolis peace conference a “mistake.”

  • Dershowitz cited for Soviet Jewry efforts

    Alan Dershowitz will receive an award for his role in freeing Soviet Jews.

  • RJC-linked think tank targets Olmert

    A think tank affiliated with the Republican Jewish Coalition launched a broadside against Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, an unusual attack from a segment of the American Jewish community that has been unstintingly uncritical of Israel.