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  • Denier may be deported from Canada

    After Canada took steps to deport Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel back to his native Germany, Zundel again blamed the Jewish community for his troubles. Zundel, expelled from the United States in February, has on several occasions dragged a large wooden cro

  • Jews roughed up at Toronto school

    Several Jewish students at Toronto’s York University were intimidated and roughed up Wednesday by anti-war protesters.

  • U.S. deports Holocaust denier

    More than two years after Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel left Canada vowing never to return, he has once again landed on Canada’s doorstep after being deported by the United States.

  • Lawsuit presses Canada to ban Hezbollah

    B’nai Brith Canada has filed a lawsuit to force the Canadian government to add Hezbollah to list of banned groups. B’nai Brith has launched a national awareness campaign to build support for its efforts.

  • Hezbollah still active in Canada

    Canadian Jewish officials are increasingly frustrated that the Canadian government refuses to ban all of Hezbollah’s activities in Canada. The frustration comes amid allegations that a Hezbollah operative from Canada helped plan the Nov. 15 terror a

  • Montreal charity, government reach pact

    Nearly two months after a federal court decision left its fate in jeopardy, the Montreal-based Canadian Magen David Adom has reached an agreement with the government that will allow the group to retain its charitable status.

  • Canadian charity fights in court

    The Canadian Magen David Adom is in a legal struggle with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency over the group’s charitable status. Some observers see bias in the agency’s rejection of Magen David Adom and some other Jewish charities while rec

  • A genetic disorder and Polish Jewish history

    The popularity of the Jewish Records Indexing Project for Poland, which has an index of 1.8 million vital Jewish records from the 19th century, shows the growth of Jewish genealogy.

  • Repairing sacred books after fire

    A recent fire at a synagogue here created damage estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the damage to the shul´s library of about 2,000 holy books cannot be so easily tabulated.

  • Toronto synagogue´s shelter praised

    A synagogue´s weekly effort to feed and provide overnight shelter to the needy is now praised as one of the top programs in Toronto.