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  • Op-Ed: Lawmakers have no place in religious lives — even for agunot

    The case of Aharon Friedman, a congressional aide and an Orthodox Jew who refuses to give his wife a Jewish writ of divorce, reminds us that neither Congress members nor their staffs should be meddling or exerting pressure on individuals, writes the head of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

  • As brave as God: Are we capable?

    Isaiah said all transgressions against God will be forgiven. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield of CLAL asks as Yom Kippur nears, are we brave enough to say the same thing regarding those who have transgressed against us?

  • Op-Ed: Bid to ban Christmas in Jerusalem is wrong

    It’s especially painful and sadly ironic that in the name of Jewish values, a group is doing to others precisely what was done to Jews for millennia with its bid to ban the public display of Christmas in Jerusalem, writes the president of CLAL.

  • Op-Ed: Dr. Tiller’s murder is an attack on America

    Americans must share a commitment to keeping abortion from being the cutting edge of a crusade that trades our shared democracy for some people’s theocracy, the president of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership writes.