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  • Montreal Jews demand security

    Police in Montreal have tightened security at local synagogues and mosques following an arson fire this week that destroyed most of a Jewish school’s library.

  • Jews laud Liberal win in Quebec

    Quebec Jews are breathing a collective sigh of relief with the defeat of the Parti Quebecois following nine years of the separatist party’s rule. The community has had a problematic relationship with the Parti Quebecois, which is seen as less sympat

  • Anti-Semitism in Arab lands discussed

    In the years immediately following the creation of the State of Israel, some 800,000 Jews fled their Arab homelands, fleeing long-term dictators and short-term pogroms. At a recent conference in Montreal, witnesses discussed their experiences as Jews in t

  • Canadian students reeling from anti-Semitism?

    Canadian Jewish students are so traumatized by campus anti-Semitism that they are frightened to speak out on behalf of Israel or even Judaism, according to a newspaper advertisement appearing in Canada’s most prominent newspaper.

  • Jewish student band on world tour

    The students from Australia’s Moriah College, now touring North America, may represent the most unique musical program of any Jewish school in the world.

  • Anti-Israel speeches in Montreal

    Blocked by a court order from launching their anti-Israel diatribe from a Concordia University rostrum, a trio of speakers took their act to the streets of downtown Montreal.

  • Montreal Jews keep consulate open

    Largely due to the determined efforts of Canadian Jewish groups, Israel has changed its plans and will no longer close the Montreal consulate next month as a budgetary measure.

  • Quebec lawmaker blasted for rally comments

    A branch of the Canadian Jewish Congress is criticizing the speaker of the Quebec legislature for making anti-Israel comments at a pro-Palestinian rally.

  • Bomb detonated at Quebec synagogue

    A synagogue in Quebec City became the third Jewish house of worship in Canada attacked this year when a bomb exploded Sunday morning, causing no injuries.

  • Film explores Elvis´ Jewish roots?

    When the movie "Schmelvis: Searching for the King´s Jewish Roots" was the premiere event at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival last weekend, no one knew quite what to expect.