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  • Ordinary women, extraordinary heroes

    Perhaps the first of its kind, an exhibit at Yad Vashem highlights the role and extraordinary stories of Jewish women during the Holocaust.

  • Jewish priests get together

    At the first international gathering of the Jewish priestly class of Kohanim and Levites in 2,000 years, participants prepared for the construction of the Third Holy Temple.

  • Debate on Arab Holocaust museum

    An Arab Holocaust museum is beginning to capture the attention of the Arab media and earn some community support, its creator says, but there are detractors among Jews and Arabs.

  • Pelosi, Lantos defend trip

    U.S. Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Tom Lantos defended their recent diplomatic trip to the Middle East and suggested that they follow up by meeting with Iran’s president.

  • Seder marks ‘Second Exodus

    A pre-Passover seder hosted by Jews who immigrated to Israel from Egypt offers an opportunity for old friends to reunite, eat their favorite Egyptian foods and relive fading memories from Cairo and Alexandria.

  • Few Egpytian Jews left proud but cautious

    The fewer than 100 Jews who remain in Egypt today are well integrated into society and consider themselves fully Egyptian — but there clearly are tensions that go along with being Jewish in an Arab country that has fought four major wars with Israel.

  • Egyptian Jews look back with anger, love

    Hundreds of Jews were imprisoned and expelled from Egypt after the Suez War. Fifty years later they look back with a mixture of regret and longing.

  • Effort launched for Jewish refugees

    More than 30 representatives from 10 countries convened in Jerusalem to educate the public about the heritage and rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, register their stories and document their personal and communal losses.

  • Marking Rosh Hashanah in Egypt

    Once a vibrant center of Jewish life, Egypt’s Jewish community now numbers fewer than 100. Those who remain have vivid memories of the Jewish past, but they say there is no future for the Jewish community.

  • Postwar, Israel’s economy is OK

    Israel’s war with Hezbollah took a significant economic toll on individuals and small businesses in the North, but the impact on the national economy has not been too bad.