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  • Echoes of Halimi in French suburb

    Last month’s torture and beating of a young Jewish man is echoing the horrors of Ilan Halimi’s murder in the same French suburb, even though the cases have many differences.

  • In West Bank, lamenting Gaza violence

    Palestinians living in the West Bank say they hate Israeli soldiers for killing their Gaza brethren – but they also slam Hamas and see Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as a figurehead.

  • Sarkozy cheers French Jews

    Most French Jews are welcoming the ascendancy of President Nicolas Sarkozy following years of stepped-up anti-Semitism and questions about their safety and future in the country.

  • New Al-Dura video raises doubts

    Newly released footage of the iconic shooting of Mohammed al-Dura at Gaza’s Netzarim Junction on Sept. 30, 2000 may have been a hoax broadcast by French TV.

  • Marcel Marceau, dead at 84

    Marcel Marceau, the world-famous pantomine artist who died Saturday, helped save Jewish children from the Nazis.

  • Al-Dura controversy lives on

    Philippe Karsenty claims the iconic shooting of Mohammed al-Dura in 2000 was staged by Palestinian propagandists in conjunction with a Jewish French TV journalist. Now a Paris judge wants to see some of the video.

  • Mexicans eyeing Solomon’s mines

    An Israeli subsidiary of Ahmsa, the industrial giant traded on the Mexican stock market, is working with Jerusalem to launch a major copper mining operation.

  • 600 French Jews make aliyah

    The aliyah of 600 French Jews the day after Tisha B’Av carried religious and historical symbolism.

  • Is French policy on Israel shifting?

    While many Israelis are pleased that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has promised to help free the three abducted soldiers, some worry that Paris is hosting a parley with Hezbollah.

  • EJC chief set for re-election bid

    Jewish-Arab coexistence and a tougher line against anti-Semitism in Europe are top priorities for Pierre Besnainou in his bid for a second term as European Jewish Congress president.