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  • Explosion kills Hamas fighter

    An explosion in Gaza City killed a Hamas fighter.

  • Bush toughens NGO conditions

    The Bush administration is toughening screening procedures for organizations that receive its assistance, in part because of concerns about Palestinian awardees.

  • Churches praise Bush peace push, pan arms deal

    A coalition of mainstream churches wrote to President Bush to praise his push for Israeli-Palestinian peace while faulting its arms sales component.

  • Austrian Holocaust remembrance volunteers languish

    Visas for a number of Austrian volunteers seeking placement at U.S. Holocaust remembrance institutions have been delayed and in one case denied.

  • Pro-‘surge’ group is almost all Jewish

    Four of five members of the board of a campaign promoting President Bush’s policies in the Iraq war are Republican Jews.

  • Mexicans eyeing Solomon’s mines

    An Israeli subsidiary of Ahmsa, the industrial giant traded on the Mexican stock market, is working with Jerusalem to launch a major copper mining operation.

  • JDC, Russian JCC bury hatchet

    A long-running Jewish community center in St. Petersburg may be able to stay open after all.

  • 600 French Jews make aliyah

    The aliyah of 600 French Jews the day after Tisha B’Av carried religious and historical symbolism.

  • Polish Nazi labor camp unearthed

    The ruins of a Nazi labor camp were unearthed in southeastern Poland.

  • $1 million for ORT schools in Russia

    The Jewish Agency for Israel will provide World ORT with $1 million for the Heftsiba program in 15 ORT schools in the former Soviet Union.