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  • Panama’s grand rabbi, Zion Levy, dies

    Panama’s long-time Grand Rabbi Zion Levy died in Israel at the age of 83.

  • Group seeks U.N. official’s ouster

    The Argentine branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for the dismissal of the U.N.’s General Assembly president because of his recent anti-Israeli comments.

  • Israeli tourist raped in Guatemala

    An Israeli tourist was raped outside of a popular destination in Guatemala.

  • New Torah scroll sparks Nicaraguans

    The arrival of the first Torah in Nicaragua in 28 years is rekindling Jewish life in the turbulent Central American country and sparking discussion of building a new Jewish community center.

  • Panama’s Jews, Arabs coexist

    Unlike other parts of the world where devoutly practicing Jews and Muslims have come into conflict, in Panama the two are almost symbiotic.

  • Who is a Jew?’ in Nicaragua

    Bitter divisions over who is a Jew threaten to split Nicaragua’s tiny Jewish community.

  • Teens build for poor in Nicaragua

    Aching from lugging cinder blocks and not having seen a flush toilet in days, a group of Jewish teenagers from the New York City suburbs could have been forgiven for complaining about building simple houses in a rural Nicaraguan outpost. But the only comp

  • Sandinista leader alienates local Jews

    It has taken Nicaragua’s new leftist President Daniel Ortega less than two months in office to alienate the country’s tiny Jewish community.

  • Embassy move upsets Costa Rica’s Jews

    Costa Rica’s Jewish community reacted with disappointment, resignation and a bit of anger to the country’s decision to move its embassy in Israel out of Jerusalem.

  • Israelis help farms, diplomacy in Nicaragua

    A pair of Israeli agronomists are helping Nicaragua make gradual improvements to their oudated farming practices. Another outgrowth of their hard work has been a modest improvement in ties between Israel and Nicaragua.