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  • Israel tests advanced Patriot

    Israel tested an advanced version of the U.S.-supplied Patriot missile.

  • Palestinian economic confab planned

    The United States and Britian are planning a conference on improving the Palestinian economy.

  • Patriarch rejects Jewish state

    Israel’s Roman Catholic leader criticized the state for asserting that Palestinians must recognize it as a Jewish state.

  • New Torah scroll sparks Nicaraguans

    The arrival of the first Torah in Nicaragua in 28 years is rekindling Jewish life in the turbulent Central American country and sparking discussion of building a new Jewish community center.

  • Congress votes to divest from Darfur

    The U.S. government will no longer be allowed to contract with companies doing business in Sudan.

  • Panama’s Jews, Arabs coexist

    Unlike other parts of the world where devoutly practicing Jews and Muslims have come into conflict, in Panama the two are almost symbiotic.

  • Aussie Jews presented highest honor

    Two Australian Jews were awarded the nation’s highest honor.

  • Senators stress Iran action at O.U. event

    U.S. senators emphasized increased action against Iran at the Orthodox Union’s annual luncheon in Washington, D.C.

  • Who is a Jew?’ in Nicaragua

    Bitter divisions over who is a Jew threaten to split Nicaragua’s tiny Jewish community.

  • HUC, JTS form fellowship

    The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation is launching an inter-denominational fellowship with Reform and Conservative seminaries.