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  • Judge approves Generali settlement

    A federal judge in New York approved settlement of a class-action lawsuit against an Italian insurer accused of failing to pay tens of thousands of Holocaust-era claims.

  • Groups praise U.S. engagement with Syria, Iran

    U.S. agreement to participate in a multilateral conference with Syria and Iran is welcome and serves as an example to Israel, two dovish Jewish groups said.

  • Brownback: Engage Iran on Iraq

    Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) said the United States should engage Iran on the “singular issue” of Iraq but continue to vigorously confront the Islamic republic on its support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons.

  • Sandinista leader alienates local Jews

    It has taken Nicaragua’s new leftist President Daniel Ortega less than two months in office to alienate the country’s tiny Jewish community.

  • Embassy move upsets Costa Rica’s Jews

    Costa Rica’s Jewish community reacted with disappointment, resignation and a bit of anger to the country’s decision to move its embassy in Israel out of Jerusalem.

  • Will Costa Rica move its Israeli Embassy?

    Costa Rica’s newly elected president has said that he would remove the country’s embassy from Jerusalem, leaving only El Salvador in Israel’s disputed capital.

  • Israelis help farms, diplomacy in Nicaragua

    A pair of Israeli agronomists are helping Nicaragua make gradual improvements to their oudated farming practices. Another outgrowth of their hard work has been a modest improvement in ties between Israel and Nicaragua.

  • Nicaragua considers kosher beef

    Kosher beef consumers in the United States may soon find themselves dining on meat from Nicaragua as one of the country’s main slaughterhouses examines the lucrative market.

  • Graveyard mirrors Nicaraguan history

    The Jewish cemetery in Granada is the most prominent public display of Judaism in Nicaragua, albeit a reflection of the struggles the religion has faced in that Central American country.

  • Kosher food hits Costa Rica

    After decades of having to do without kosher food — or cart back what they need from out of the country — Costa Rican Jews now are able to find what they need to keep a kosher home with increasing ease.