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  • Four die in Gaza tunnels

    Four Palestinians suffocated in recent days during smuggling operations on the Egypt-Gaza Strip border.

  • Prayer book widens communal tent

    Rabbi Camille Shira Angel explains the goals of her congregation’s new prayer book and takes exception with those who would focus on its meditation regarding “unexpected intimacy” with strangers.

  • P.A. gets $300 million in aid pledges

    Western nations pledged $300 million in rapid aid transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

  • Ahmadinejad: Israel’s demise benefits all

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel’s demise would benefit everyone, especially the United States.

  • Hate speech roils UC-Berkeley campus

    Student groups and university administration have denounced two hate-speech incidents at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Londoners angered by Yom Kippur election

    Jews living in a north London neighborhood are outraged that the local council has scheduled an election for Yom Kippur.

  • Iraqi who visited Israel facing prosecution

    The Iraqi legislator who visited Israel last week is facing prosecution and even execution.

  • More activists sailing for Gaza

    Another boat carrying foreign activists will set sail for the Gaza Strip to show it can break Israel’s sea blockade.

  • P.A. won’t count out force in Gaza

    A top Palestinian Authority security official would not count out using military force to retake the Gaza Strip.

  • Planned British embassy move protested

    Pro-Palestinian groups want to stop the British government from moving its Israel embassy to property owned by Lev Leviev.