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  • At NYU, dialogue or denial?

    Screenings of a documentary on radical Islam brought New York University Muslim and Jewish students together — to bash the portrayal of Muslim extremism. The filmmakers say the students are in deep denial.

  • Dialogue groups to lobby

    An alliance of Palestinian-Israeli dialogue groups will lobby Congress for funding.

  • U.S. fire chiefs to Israel

    Fourteen American fire chiefs went to Israel to learn about responding to terrorist attacks.

  • Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit opens in Missouri

    Nearly 200,000 people are expected to attend an exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Kansas City, Mo.

  • Jewish group: Asylum seekers at risk

    A Jewish group expressed concern at a new report that said political asylum seekers are at risk in America.

  • Jordan: U.N. should stop Jerusalem dig

    Jordan called on the U.N. Security Council to stop Israel from continuing repair work and excavations around the Temple Mount.

  • Oldest Holocaust survivor dies at 107

    Irma Stahler, believed to be the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor, died in Sydney at age 107.

  • Gonzales visits AMIA

    The U.S. attorney general toured a Argentine Jewish center that was bombed in 1994.

  • Report: Olmert firm on Jerusalem dig

    Ehud Olmert reportedly spurned an appeal by Israel’s defense minister to halt repair work near the Temple Mount.

  • Portman may direct Oz film

    Natalie Portman is interested in directing and starring in a film version of Amos Oz’s autobiography.