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  • At NYU, dialogue or denial?

    Screenings of a documentary on radical Islam brought New York University Muslim and Jewish students together — to bash the portrayal of Muslim extremism. The filmmakers say the students are in deep denial.

  • Judaism scholars gather in FSU

    More than 200 scholars attended a Jewish studies conference in Moscow.

  • Prewar Lublin yeshiva reopens

    Europe’s largest yeshiva before World War II will reopen this weekend.

  • Right-wing crimes up in Germany

    Crimes related to right-wing extremism and xenophobia in Germany appear to have risen to their highest levels in six years.

  • Ontario shifts elections for Orthodox

    The Canadian Jewish Congress praised the Ontario government for shifting an upcoming provincial election so that it doesn’t fall on a Jewish holiday.

  • Researchers probe Jewish sexual behavior

    A new survey is under way to gauge Jewish adherence to family purity laws that require couples to abstain from sex for roughly two weeks a month.

  • Israel, U.S. to cooperate against terrorism

    The United States and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding enhancing their partnership to fight world terrorism.

  • Lantos proposes nuclear fuel bank

    U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos introduced legislation to create a nuclear fuel enrichment bank, offering Iran a way out of its nuclear impasse.

  • Ackerman backs Iran outreach

    A senior Jewish U.S. congressman slammed the Bush administration for refusing to engage with Iran.

  • Dialogue groups to lobby

    An alliance of Palestinian-Israeli dialogue groups will lobby Congress for funding.