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  • What they’re watching in Turkey

    With rife speculation that Turkey-Israel ties are on the rocks, a new drama on Turkish national TV depicts Israeli troops killing Palestinians indicriminately certainly won’t help matters. The show, set in Gaza, includes one scene in which an Israeli soldier shoots a young Palestinian girl at point-blank range. While fictional depictions of Israeli brutality and…

  • Imagining Jewish America’s future (or lack thereof)

    Two new opinion pieces predict the demise of Jewish America as we know it within a few decades. Uzi Silber writes in the Forward that the disappearance of the "secular and religiously liberal" American Jew is inevitable due to intermarriage, low birth rates and assimilation. The fervently Orthodox community of Boro Park and its ilk,…

  • Obama to Iran: Inspections within 2 weeks

    President Obama wants Iran to allow “unfettered” access to the Qom nuclear facility within two weeks if negotiations are to continue.

  • Museum unveils top Jewish 18

    The National Museum of American Jewish History announced its selections for its new Only in America Gallery/Hall of Fame set to open next year.

  • Ahmadinejad slams Israel as world powers turn up heat

    As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted Israel and the United States on Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly, world powers sought to step up the pressure on the Islamic Republic.

  • Assaf Ramon buried next to his father

    Israeli pilot Assaf Ramon was buried next to his father, astronaut Ilan Ramon, a day after he was killed in a training accident.

  • 5769: The year in review

    With Rosh Hashanah approaching, JTA has compiled a list of the biggest stories of the past Hebrew calendar year.

  • Holocaust museum shooter appears in court

    The man charged with killing a security officer at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum made his first appearance in court.

  • Olmert looking at a notorious rather than a glorious legacy

    With indictments this week, Ehud Olmert stands a chance of becoming Israel’s first prime minister to end up in an Israeli prison.

  • IDF: No eating in front of Muslims during Ramadan

    In a move no doubt aimed at bolstering its oft repeated (and contested) claim of being "the most moral army in the world," the Israel Defense Forces has announced special orders to its troops in the West Bank to consume food and drink inconspicuously during the month-long holiday period of Ramadan, when observant Muslims fast…