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  • Belgian Jews struggle to find leader

    A seven-month disputed election is racking a Jewish umbrella group in Belgium as the community there faces external threats that members say require strong leadership.

  • Lauder mixes wit, warnings in Europe trip

    Ronald Lauder’s pronouncements during his first trip to Europe as World Jewish Congress president were injected with equal doses of levity and gloom.

  • Museum groundbreaking raises hopes

    Supporters of a new museum on Polish Jewry are hoping a high-profile groundbreaking ceremony will draw in the funds to finish what aims to be Europe’s largest Jewish cultural attraction under one roof.

  • European contest pits East vs. West

    In a contest that some observers have described as East versus West, a Russian billionaire is challenging the French incumbent for the presidency of the European Jewish Congress.

  • Exposing Waldheim awakened Austrians

    Revelations about the Nazi past of Kurt Waldheim was the best thing that happened to Austria, say local Jewish leaders, reflecting on the death of the former president.

  • Court will rule on anti-Zionist’s kids

    Were the children of the notorious Jew who attended a Holocaust denial conference in Tehran expelled from their Jewish school in Vienna because of their father’s actions, or is the school protecting students from the children’s enthusiastic endorsement of

  • Europe on fire with anti-Semitism?

    Anti-Semitism in Western Europe is out of control, according to the consensus of recent reports – the latest of which was released this week at a European conference on combating discrimination.

  • EJC race heats up over nukes’ forum

    Add a high-level conference on nuclear disarmament to the bitter battle being waged for European Jewish Congress president. An Israeli security expert suggested one candidate was playing “political football” with the recent two-day conference in Luxembour

  • European Jews prep for elections

    As the dust settles following Edgar Bronfman’s resignation as president of the World Jewish Congress, its European affiliate is focused on June elections that will shape its future.

  • Exploring Polish-Jewish distrust

    A book just published in English touches on probing doubts and stereotypes that for decades have driven wedges between Poles and Jews.