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  • Saluting Poles: Help in restitution battle?

    Arranging a reunion between a hidden Jewish woman and her Catholic rescuer may ultimately pay dividends for Jewish organizations fighting a property restitution battle in Poland.

  • Chabad opens Vienna center

    Chabad’s new $6.05 million facility in Vienna is expected to help Jews emigrating from central Asia find their way in their new home.

  • Old-new yeshiva is beacon for Polish Jews

    Leaders of Polish Jewry hope that the renovation and reopening of the famous Lublin yeshiva will draw many Polish Jews or those with Jewish heritage back to their faith.

  • Students paid to learn Judaism

    An Orthodox group is paying college students in Israel and Europe to learn about Judaism from an Orthodox perspective.

  • European extremists’ caucus seen as non-factor

    The formation of a caucus of anti-Semites, racists and xenophobes in the European Parliament has become fodder for journalists and human rights advocates, but analysts say it has little significance for policy and isn’t necessarily evidence of the extreme

  • Anti-Zionist Jew riles Vienna

    An anti-Zionist Jew who made headlines for attending a recent Holocaust denial conference in Tehran finds himself persona non grata back home in Vienna.

  • Zorro’ film unmasks bar mitzvah’s meaning

    In the new Austrian film “Zorro’s Bar Mitzvah,” acclaimed filmmaker Ruth Beckermann portrays in nuanced fashion what four Viennese families have to say about Jewishness, adulthood, identity, gender, schmaltz and, yes, the masked hero.

  • Hateful chapter closes in Poland

    The closing of Poland’s best-known haven of anti-Semitic literature resonates deeply for Polish-Jewish relations.

  • Racism still plagues Polish politics

    Poland’s education minister has been fighting to prove that he and his party, the ultra-conservative League of Polish Families, have rejected anti-Semitism. But two recent incidents connecting the league with neo-Nazis show the uphill battle Roman Giertyc

  • Progressive Judaism grows in Poland

    Pluralism is gaining a foothold in Poland’s Jewish community with the installation of the country’s first progressive rabbi since World War II.