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  • Study: European anti-Semitism up since war

    Israel’s recent war with Hezbollah resulted in a new wave of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe — almost all in Western Europe, a new report finds.

  • Changes set for Auschwitz museum

    The new director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, perhaps the best known symbol of the Holocaust, is preparing to implement sweeping changes.

  • Survivor aims for Polish-Jewish dialogue

    A Holocaust survivor has turned into a philanthropist, focusing on members of his hometown in Poland, as well as Polish-Jewish dialogue.

  • Czech curator bucks traditional art

    A Czech curator is determined to attract contemporary Jewish artists to traditional Prague.

  • Czech mall project creates uproar

    Claims that an Israeli firm intends to build a parking lot above a medieval Jewish cemetery have created a media storm in the Czech Republic.

  • 5766: European Jews worry about security

    European policies toward Israel, Iran and the Palestinian territories — along with the continued growth of extremism in Islamic communities — played a central role in the life of European Jewry in 5766.

  • Polish leaders campaign against anti-Semitism

    During big-issue speeches made by the Polish president and prime minister during recent diplomatic trips, the identical twin leaders also recited what has become a well-rehearsed mantra for them: There is no place for anti-Semitism in Poland.

  • German Jewish burial spot uncovered

    A retired German gardener was lying in a hospital bed when he heard a pitch asking for help in finding the burial site of a man who once was the most prominent Jew in town — and only the gardener knew the grave’s location.

  • ‘Fear’ details attacks in postwar Poland

    A new book details the hostility toward Jews in every level of postwar Polish society, from the Catholic Church and the police to doctors, factory workers, peasants and the Communist party.

  • Polish politician rejects anti-Semite label

    Dogged by anti-Semitic ancestors and party members with spotty pasts, Poland’s education minister insists his coattails are clean.