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  • Corruption survey ranking rankles Israel

    Israel’s ranking on an annual corruption index should “turn on a warning light,” said an Israeli board member of the watchdog group that issued the survey.

  • Obama touts his pro-Israel credentials

    President Obama said his administration had done more than any other to help Israel.

  • Barak: No Iran strike imminent

    Israel said it has no imminent plan to attack Iran after the United States voiced doubt it would be consulted on such a strike.

  • German sub deal sealed

    Germany authorized the subsidized sale of a sixth naval submarine to Israel.

  • Ex-Israeli intelligence chief Yadlin urges restraint on Iran

    Another former Israeli spymaster, Amos Yadlin, urged caution in tackling Iran’s nuclear program.

  • Israel burnishes preventive strike capability

    Israel said it could strike Iran’s ballistic missile batteries pre-emptively, if necessary.

  • Israel releases PA funds

    Israel released $100 million in tax funds it had withheld from the Palestinian Authority.

  • Likud minister: Economy key to next Israeli vote

    The state of Israel’s economy will likely decide its political future, a Likud Cabinet minister said.

  • Barak visiting U.S.

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak began a visit to the United States.

  • U.S. Embassy in Israel hurt by location hold-up

    Required renovations to the U.S. Embassy in Israel have been neglected due to long-running vacillation over its relocation to Jerusalem, a U.S. State Department audit found.