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  • Al-Qaeda to Syrian protesters: Israel’s next

    Al-Qaeda urged Syrian rebels to save some of their anger for Israel and the United States.

  • Jerusalem formalizes South Sudan ties

    Israel formally established relations with the new Republic of South Sudan.

  • Syria shoots at Israeli warplanes

    Allegations of a mysterious cross-border air raid have ratcheted up Israeli-Syrian tensions and stirred fears that a new war may be on the horizon.

  • Debka takes center stage in N.Y. scare

    An Israeli couple who blog about terrorism have achieved international fame – and a bit of notoriety – by setting off a “dirty bomb” scare in New York.

  • Rice pushes peace plan in Jerusalem

    Condoleezza Rice is back in the Middle East, her efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation seemingly buoyed by regional concerns over Hamas’ recent takeover of the Gaza Strip.

  • Bidding to bolster Abbas

    With intense international scrutiny on the West Bank, Israel and the United States are going proactive to bolster Mahmoud Abbas against his Hamas rivals.

  • Uncertainty hampers Mideast progress

    Two weeks after the Palestinian political map was redrawn following Hamas’ violent takeover of Gaza, the uncertain future of the Palestinian polity is complicating Israel’s plans to forge new ties with the Palestinian Authority.

  • Katsav cops plea to sex charges

    His reputation in shambles from a sex scandal that broke a year ago and swelled in subsequent months, Israel’s outgoing president, Moshe Katsav, put an end to the sordid chapter by agreeing to a plea bargain after months of insisting he was innocent.

  • Hamas tries to upstage summit

    Israeli and Arab leaders met this week to discuss ways to keep Hamas in the diplomatic wings, but the radical Palestinian group still managed to grab headlines.

  • Summit bids to bolster moderates

    There will be one key difference to the familiar backdrop of a Sharm el-Sheik summit: This time it is intra-Palestinian rather than Israeli-Palestinian violence giving urgency to the show of diplomacy.