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  • Israel welcomes new Abbas government

    Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the creation of a Palestinian government without Hamas presented new “opportunities.” But many hurdles still lie ahead.

  • Israel grapples with Hamas takeover

    Even with Hamas seizing control of the Gaza Strip this week in a full-scale and bloody assault on Fatah rivals, the Israeli government is not writing the more moderate Palestinian president off yet.

  • Peres caps career as Israeli president

    Shimon Peres became Israel’s ninth president while another former prime minister, Ehud Barak, made a political comeback by winning a Labor Party leadership election that potentially sets him up to retake the top office.

  • Israel launches new satellite

    Israel expanded its strategic reach with the launch of Ofeq-7, a locally made spy satellite capable of delivering close-up photographs of regional enemies.

  • Entebbe conspiracy report roils Israelis

    Israelis were expressing outrage over a 30-year-old British conspiracy theory on the origins of the legendary Entebbe operation.

  • Peretz ousted as Labor leader

    Amir Peretz may have been ousted as Israel’s Labor Party leader, but he may have the last word on who succeeds him.

  • Israel escalating Hamas battle

    The Israeli Cabinet’s decision to broaden the spectrum of Hamas terrorists that would be targeted by Israel’s air-strike campaign wasn’t a strong enough response for some in the government.

  • Israel responds to Hamas shelling

    After days of holding its fire while Hamas battled rival Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and fired rockets over the border, Israel is fighting back.

  • Livni to Olmert: You must go

    After months of trying to keep the Israeli public on his side, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert must now stave off rebellion in his innermost political circle.

  • Winograd: Olmert was unprepared

    An Israeli commission of inquiry is only partly through investigating the Lebanon war, but already it may have done all it can to shape Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s political fate. The Winograd Commission’s interim findings lambaste Prime Minister Ehud Ol