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  • European congress taps Ukrainian as envoy

    The European Jewish Congress appointed a Ukrainian Jewish leader as a special envoy.

  • Rice pushes peace plan in Jerusalem

    Condoleezza Rice is back in the Middle East, her efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation seemingly buoyed by regional concerns over Hamas’ recent takeover of the Gaza Strip.

  • U.N. approves Darfur peacekeepers

    The U.N. Security Council approved the deployment of peacekeepers to quell the violence in the Darfur region of Sudan.

  • German bank breaks ties with Iran

    Deutsche Bank joined the ranks of financial institutions breaking ties with Iran.

  • Bidding to bolster Abbas

    With intense international scrutiny on the West Bank, Israel and the United States are going proactive to bolster Mahmoud Abbas against his Hamas rivals.

  • Abraham Klausner, advocate for survivors, dies

    Rabbi Abraham Klausner, the first Jewish chaplain in the U.S. Army to enter Dachau after its liberation, died at age 92.

  • U.S.: Top Hezbollah man caught in Iraq

    U.S. forces say they’ve captured a senior Hezbollah operative abetting insurgents in Iraq.

  • British PM appoints rabbi

    Britain’s new prime minister appointed Rabbi Dame Julia Neuberger to his Cabinet.

  • U.S. proposes mandatory Iran inspections

    The United States is reportedly proposing mandatory international inspections of all cargo into and out of Iran.

  • Orthodox town grows fast in N.Y.

    An Orthodox Jewish town about an hour from Manhattan grew faster than any other community in New York state from 2000 to 2006.