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  • Ukraine to get Holocaust museum

    Jewish leaders unveiled plans for a Holocaust museum and educational center that would memorialize Ukrainian Jewish life and teach tolerance.

  • Ukraine gets another chief rabbi

    When Rabbi Azrael Haikin was elected earlier this month to be Ukraine’s new chief rabbi, many saw it as a positive sign of Jewish renewal in a former Soviet republic. The only problem is that Ukraine already had a chief rabbi, Yaakov Dov Bleich, and he ha

  • Ukraine’s Reform rabbi keeps the faith

    Rabbi Alexander Dukhovny is the embodiment of the Reform Jewish movement in Ukraine. That’s only natural: Dukhovny is the only Reform rabbi in the whole country and Ukraine’s lone native-born rabbi.

  • Distance learning across Ukraine

    Fostering a spiritual rebirth among Jews in post-Communist Ukraine is complicated by the sheer physical distance between communities. Enter Kiev´s Jewish Education Center, which has the first distance-learning education program for Jewish teachers i

  • Ukrainian newspaper loses lawsuit

    Ukranian Jewish leaders are dismayed that a weekly newspaper has lost a lawsuit tied to its disclosure that a politically connected academic magazine has published anti-Semitc and racist pieces, including work by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

  • Hillel students enliven Ukranian seders

    A Hillel outreach program, now in its eighth year, is bringing Jewish students from Ukraine and several other countries to add an infusion of youth and energy to the seder celebrations of Ukranian Jewish communities.

  • Babi Yar project opponents organize

    The leaders of the effort to build a Jewish memorial and community center at Babi Yar, where as many as 100,000 people were killed by the Nazis, remain optimistic that the project will proceed as planned. A group that opposes the community center aspects

  • A photographic window on Ukrainian Jewish life

    A new festival of photography in Kiev includes “Jewish Life in Western Ukraine,” a trove of images that manages to evoke the region’s rich heritage by showing modern-day Ukranian Jews in a panorama of activities, including men praying, c

  • Synagogue reopening celebrated in Kiev

    Following an extensive renovation, the Great Choral Synagogue of Kiev — a symbol of Jewish life in Ukraine — officially reopened, welcomed by Jewish and Ukranian leaders. The synagogue was the first permanent Jewish house of worship in Kiev, b

  • Hate crimes conviction in Ukraine

    A four-year prison sentence given to a Ukrainian skinhead is being heralded as a significant step toward tolerance and democracy in this former Soviet republic. This is the first conviction under the nation’s decade-old hate-crime law.