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is JTA's marketing associate, responsible for JTA's email database management and assisting with marketing projects. Danielle is from Santa Barbara, Calif. and is a graduate of Indiana University's School of Journalism. She served for two years as an editor at the Indiana Daily Student and has interned at B|W|R Public Relations in Los Angeles.


  • Ricotta flan with raspberry sauce

    This light dessert with an easy-to-make raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries is wonderful warm, cold, or at room temperature.

  • People of the Tweet: Comedy goal, debate mom, missing Mohel

    My comedy goal is to be half as funny as the old Jewish men I sat next to in synagogue as a kid — The Comic Farmer (@TheComicFarmer) October 16, 2012 Is that my mom I see in the crowd? Nevermind, that’s just another Jewish mother with long, straight brown hair and a Yurman ring….

  • Braised short ribs of beef

    This very flavorful dish uses Chinese ingredients and should be prepared in advance for a festive meal.

  • People of the Tweet: Jewish bias, problems and penicillin

    Nobel Prize Committee deny Jewish bias,and say ‘We promise more goyim next year,schmuck’. — Graham Ba (@Yessreally) October 9, 2012 Hope everyone had meaningful holidays. When Simchat Torah concludes, there’s a renewed sense of purpose and invigoration for the year ahead. — Siddur Audio (@sidduraudio) October 10, 2012 So sore from simchas Torah from jumping,…

  • Road capon with olives

    This dish, which has a subtly savory taste, is always a hit with olive lovers!

  • People of the Tweet: Obama’s bubby, rainy holiday, asking for a frond

    Ooo Obama bringing out the bug guns. Mentions his Bubby. #Debate — kg (@KiMixes) October 4, 2012 You can tell Judaism is an old religion because their major holidays are centered around shelter, light and food. #sukkot — Aaron Kheifets (@privatelanguage) October 3, 2012 If we spent the 7 days of Sukkot just trying to…

  • Broccoli with panko

    In this dish, Panko transforms ordinary broccoli into an interesting and crunchy treat.

  • People of the Tweet: Thankful refs, eating matzoh, total freebies

    On Yom Kippur I atone for not fasting on Yom Kippur. — Wendy Liebman (@WendyLiebman) September 22, 2012 The refs should be thankful it’s Yom Kippur tomorrow bc there’s a shitload of stuff we’re gonna say tonight we’re gonna need forgiveness for — Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) September 25, 2012 Okay, here’s hoping I didn’t use…


    As lunch or an appetizer, this Japanese-style salad is a light and healthy meal in itself, complete with bell pepper and mushroom.

  • People of the Tweet: Caffeine addicts, happy tosh gasbag, year 5773

    Fellow caffeine addicts: Yom Kippur is next week. Avoid the headache; start tapering off now. (Start again the next day!) — Jonathan I. Ezor (@ProfJonathan) September 20, 2012 Ah, no traffic!The Jewish holidays are the time of year when you’re really grateful they run Hollywood. — Gary Janetti (@GaryJanetti) September 17, 2012 [[READMORE]] back to…