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  • British lawmakers elect first Jewish speaker

    Britain’s Parliament for the first time elected a Jewish speaker of the House of Commons.

  • Britain releases list of those barred entry

    A list of 16 people barred from the United Kingdom because of their extreme views includes a right-wing Jew.

  • Brown pledges Auschwitz support

    Britain’s prime minister visited Auschwitz and pledged that his government would assist school visits to the former Nazi death camp.

  • Tech woes stop Mashaal session with lawmakers

    A technical problem prevented Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal from taking part in a question-and-answer session with British lawmakers.

  • Britain reviews arms exports to Israel

    The United Kingdom will review all arms exports to Israel, Britain’s foreign secretary announced.

  • London hall cancels Israeli event

    A London theater canceled an event to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day following pressure from pro-Palestinian groups.

  • Jailed Muslim cleric issues fatwas

    A Muslim cleric jailed in Britain is continuing to issue fatwas and anti-Semitic statements, a moderate Muslim organization says.

  • British Muslim leader signs Istanbul declaration

    A leading British Muslim has joined a call to attack those who prevent smuggling arms to Hamas in Gaza.

  • Lancet devotes issue to Palestinian health

    A prominent medical journal has devoted a special issue to “Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

  • Palestinian families sue Britain’s Miliband

    Lawyers representing more than 30 Palestinian families are challenging Britain’s foreign secretary in a London court for failing to suspend arms exports to Israel.